Monday, April 14, 2014

Chevron Easter Bunny Wreath!

Don't you just love him?! All chevron and coral and navy? I'm planning on selling different versions of this guy next year. Solid color with a printed ribbon or tail would be super cute. Unfortunately, it's just a little too late to feasibly have people want him for this Easter. I'm the worst blogger that way. I get in the mood for holiday DIY too close to the actual holiday!

I made this bunny wreath the same way as the Easter cross wreath, except I blew up a clip art image and used that to trace the bunny. I wanted to make sure he was completely symmetrical. Just cut him out of some plywood using a jigsaw!

I also used a paint marker to add the white stripes. I chose to do this (and I'm glad I did, it's so cute!) because the homemade stencil I use wasn't leaving crisp lines. =/

He is such a cute little thing and brings the perfect touch of spring to your front door - or back door, or pantry door, or wall.... ;) He'd be great anywhere!!!

I should really open my own Etsy shop for this type of thing! What do you think?