Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Emerald "Love" Teapot

I mean because, emerald green and love just go together, you know!

I found this teapot at goodwill one of my bajillion of trips. I started collecting cheap teapots because I envisioned myself making a selling a bunch of teapot lamps. Like this one and this one. However, they are actually a lot of work and a bit of a headache, and I figure that nobody would want to pay what I'd ask for it to be worth my time.

So, what to do with all of my random teapots? Paint them, of course! Here's what this lovely looked like before:

The color is Krylon's emerald green. Be sure and prime the glass, first! I used gold puff paint to write the word "love" after the paint was fully dry. I think I'll write it on the back side as well. That way people on the couch can get the message, too. Or, if I ever move it elsewhere, it's reversible if I want the spout pointing the opposite direction.

I love it set up in the center of our ottoman! It's like an invitation for a tea party on the couch! I also love that I finally found a home for that white deer! He was a goodwill find at only 2 bucks (hehe pun), but I never found someplace for him that was quite right...

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