Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vintage Emerald Green Cradle

I nabbed this cute thing at Goodwill (where else!?) for only $10! It was too cute (and cheap)  to pass up, and I knew that I wanted her sleeping in our room for the first few months. Here is what it looked like before:

I gave it a good cleaning, then primed, and painted. The color is Krylon's Emerald Green in gloss. It actually took quite a bit of paint since I had to get every angle of those many spindles. There was a lot of waste since I was spraying. Though it was still probably way faster than doing it by hand!

I already revealed the plans for her nursery. I know it doesn't include emerald green, but since it was going to be in our bedroom - that's the color scheme I wanted it to match. Not to mention, I think this color works well for a boy or girl - you know, for future reference...just in case. ;)

The cradle didn't come with a mattress (and even if it had I'd likely have replaced it!), but I was able to find one with the correct measurements on Amazon for only $25. We also picked up 2 plain white cradle sheets, and that awesome navy and white knitted blanket is also a Goodwill find! It was only $2.50...I couldn't even have bought the yarn to make it with that!!

Speaking of knitting and that I'm crocheting her a blanket, it makes me so sad to see all of those blankets at Goodwill! Now I know how much time it takes! All of those were made with love for somebody, and now they're just donated. Oh well, at least this one will have a second chance to be loved.

K.C. approves of my handiwork. I'm pretty sure he's excited to sniff the baby! He's a huge sniffer, it's so cute - no licking, he'll just smell you for as long as you let him!!! Don't worry, they're always sweet sniffs...not the annoying nose in your crotch or butt kind! lol

This will be her home until she sleeps through most of the night (wishful thinking!) or she outgrows it - whichever comes first! What do you think? Do you prefer vintage pieces for baby, or do you want everything new?