Friday, August 15, 2014

Baby Reagan's Arrival Story!

So this is a long post about my labor and her trouble upon arrival. It's really long and I won't judge you for skipping to the photos!

Isn't she just the sweetest? Well she's kind of a stinker! I talked about in my 8 month photos that she showed up 3 weeks early! She wasn't due until August 23, and my c-section was scheduled for the 20th. We chose that date because it was Jeremy's dad's birthday (he passed when my husband was only 18). We obviously didn't make it that far! It's funny because I had a feeling that she would be early. I was talking to J about it, and he asked how early I thought she'd be...I said "mmmm about 3 weeks." How funny that I was right! I bet she would have been 11 lbs if she stayed in there...she was 8.8 at 3 weeks early!

I had actually been having contractions for about 2 months. They weren't painful, just a tight squeeze - but they were regular...every 3-4 minutes. They admitted me because of them at the end of June. Does that even qualify as Braxton Hicks??? The morning of her arrival they were bothering me a bit more. I told J that I couldn't decide if it was because they were stronger or just more frequent, but I wrote it off because the Dr's didn't seem worried that I was contracting all of this time.

Instead J took me to get a pedicure since I had been complaining about not being able to reach my toes. Seriously, I'd be all hot and breaking out in a sweat by the time I was done painting my toenails!!! I'm sitting in the chair getting my toes done... cramping up. Again, I write it off.

When we get home Jeremy wants to go to the Casino to get gas (it's free for us there!), so he leaves. I'm at home just kind of hanging out, then I decide maybe I should start timing my contractions. These are different, not the pressure squeeze that I've had the last 2 months, they are like period cramps. I started tracking at 3:07 to about 3:40, and on average they were 3 minutes apart. There were some 2 minutes, a couple of 4 minutes. And all the while I'm tracking, I'm packing a hospital bag thinking it'd be smart just in case.

As the pains are getting a bit worse, I start thinking of all the things I have to do still!!! I put on a load of laundry with her clothes and cradle sheet, etc. I was seriously contemplating going to Walmart to buy her an outfit to wear home and some personal things I'd need after the surgery. After talking to my mom, she convinced me it was a bad idea and to just go ahead and call labor and delivery instead of waiting until after my Walmart trip.

I call and talk to the triage nurse, tell her the times and lengths of the contractions, and she gives me a choice to go ahead and come in or just "lay down for about an hour and see how I feel". I'm like, well I sort of called you to tell me what to do! Apparently I'd already done everything she'd have me do as far as the tracking. So kiddo and I loaded up the car, and I drove myself to the hospital.

I had called Jeremy previously to tell him what was going on. I just said that I'd get there and have them check me, then let him know what was up. By the time I left the house, I was pretty sure we were going to have a baby that day! I texted him as I was taking the exit to the hospital saying as much. "I'm pretty sure this is it." That's exactly what they told me at the hospital. I was already 7 cm. (I waited until I was 8 with Ethan!) No one could believe I was that far along. I guess I have a high pain tolerance, because I was laughing with the nurses and smiling - apparently that's remarkable. They finally started discussing the c-section and whether I had someone who was going to come in with me. Obviously, I told them my husband...and they said he needed to get there - like NOW. There was NO reception in the triage room, so sweet kiddo had to call him and my mom to tell them we're going to have a baby! Luckily, Jeremy took it upon himself to head to the hospital after my text message and was only about 10 minutes away.

When he arrived, I walked down to get prepped for surgery. I'll spare you all of those details. I'm lying there with J at my head when I hear them say time of birth 6:55...but that's all I hear. No crying. All I hear is a tiny whimper as I see them walk from the operating table to the other one with a blue baby. My blue baby. I can't see or hear much because they're behind me, but they are frantically rubbing her; and I hear someone say "yes go ahead and call it". They called a code purple on our baby. More people show up, then they all leave with her...silently. Poor Ethan is sitting in our assigned room all alone. He told me that he heard the code and where it was... I feel so terrible that he was all alone and scared thinking that either his Mommy or his sister is dead. I get all teary thinking about it.

At this point I'm starting to think things like....what if she dies. What if I have to go home with a stitched up belly and no baby. I just laid there and prayed while listening to them teach someone the ins and outs of my innards. Seriously? Hurry it up down there - I need to get out and find out about our baby! The anesthesiologist was good, he kept checking on her and coming back to report. Apparently, her heart rate was stable the whole time - she just wasn't reacting to anything or breathing. They were able to stabilize her, but it was 5 hours before I got to see her. She had to stay in the nursery, and I wasn't allowed to get up yet. I sent Ethan in there to take some photos for me...he even took a video of her crying. It was a relief...but so sad. She had a tube down her throat, all kinds of stuff taped to her face to force oxygen in, IV' name it. She just cried his entire little video. Sad to think that the first few hours of her life were so terrible, but we are thankful they were able to save her! 

Then, the little stinker didn't want to eat! All she did was sleep..4-5 hours if I'd let her. I had to wake her up every 2 hours to eat...and it'd take me sometimes 30 minutes or more to just get her to latch on. She had lost an entire pound at the end of our 2 day stay in the hospital.

I saw the lactation nurse the next day, and she loaned me a breast pump to supplement. She wanted to be able to track how often and how much Reagen was eating. I think that was the hardest day so far. I had to wake her up change and feed her, which took usually about an hour. Then I'd spend about 20 minutes pumping. So I had about 40 minutes to try and take a nap. I was so frantic wanting to get things done because I hadn't been ready for her arrival yet, that I often didn't try to nap. Not to mention I was on pain medicine for the I was pretty dead.

Thank goodness her weight was up the next day on our visit to the nurse. So that day, I did a combination of pumping into a bottle and nursing her. The next day's appointment showed her weight up some more. It was 3 days until my next appointment, and I pretty much nursed her exclusively. That would be the real test to see how she was doing. I couldn't imagine having to pump and bottle feed forever. I'd have died. Well she was up, gaining an ounce a day. She'll get there. She was just to weak and tired from being 3 weeks early, a c-section, and breech. According to the nursing staff breech babies have extra issues, in addition to her being early.

Now that you know her story, let's get to know her!

This was taken in the hospital, she was 2 days old. You can see my crochet blanket in the background that I never got to finish! I think it's a bit warm for that kind of blanket yet, anyway!

I think this is my favorite face of hers.... I call it her potty mouth because she seems to do it before she goes to the bathroom!

And her tiny feet, I have to keep socks on her all the time. Those tootsies get cold, even in footie pjs!

My neighbor made this gorgeous headband. I had it on with a matching dress and discovered that it's more for show and not practical. I think just because it's so wide - it moves a lot and covers her eyes. Gorgeous headband for a gorgeous lady!

I was trying to take all of these sweet pictures, and then Daddy photobomb! I need to have our photos taken together. Newborn family session. :)

I'm pretty sure she is perfect...look at those little lips!