Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Musings - 4.20.15

So here I am at 1am writing up this post for in the morning! My procrastination self just can't ever do anything ahead of time! I finished my raid at 11:30pm...then sweet Reagan woke up at like 12, and I'm just now getting out of her nursery. Naturally, I can hear her making cute baby noises on the monitor now.


Lilly Pulitzer for Target
Apparently this lady's line came out at Target yesterday. I didn't know anything about it until I was browsing Instagram. Am I the only one who was TOTALLY out of the loop? Of course, almost ALL of the items are gone (though I haven't checked the actual store). I think my favorite print is "Nosey Posey". I would have loved to have a couple of those pillows! I'm sure my husband would hate them, so it's good I missed out on them, I guess...


I think I'm becoming obsessed! I guess this one goes hand in hand with a thought from last week's My Mind Monday. I'm loving the nice weather here. Getting out with other babywearing mamma's and spending time with family! Not to mention all of the cute hiking gear! Have you checked Pinterest? I even made a board for hiking style!!! Here's a couple photos from our Saturday hike! That view is to DIE for! Well, only if you jumped! ;)

Short and sweet this week because the baby is crying now! Hugs everyone!!! Hope your weekend was great! :)