Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Musings - 9.21.15


Decor Crush 
This color combination is amazing! I love the calm grey paired with the warmth and sophistication of gold! This is just the PERFECT neutral bathroom! Swoon!



Thrift Score
I may or may not have gone a little crazy here. I was positively DROOLING over that gold and white teapot at Goodwill, but the $35 price tag dried me up with the quickness!! haha However, I went back just over a week later to see it on the 50% off table. It's still a lot for a little teapot, but my kitchen window is happy!


I have an eye appointment tomorrow, and I'm excited to get an updated prescription. It's been like over 2 years since I was seen. Mainly, I want some new contacts. I've literally been using my last pair of "throw away after 2 weeks" contacts for a year...ha. However, I don't wear my contacts daily or even close to it. So, whatevs. I WANT new glasses, but not sure if I want to BUY them. I guess we'll see if I fall in love with some. Otherwise, I'll just keep on rockin' these babies for 4 more years...