Friday, May 19, 2017

Dining Room in Progress

Traditional Bohemian Dining Room Oriental Rug Boho

This room has changed so many times in 6 months. It went from being an office, to a dining room, through 2 tables, and 3 area rugs! Here's the before:

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When we first moved in, I had it set up as my office because it opens to the living room. In days of old I was ALWAYS at the computer it seems. However, with an additional baby I find that I'm hardly ever on the computer anymore. I also hated eating on the opposite side of the house. So, I switched the dining area and computer desk.

Teal Peacock Christmas Tree Vintage Tufted Chair

Here's the first rug that I had in the room when it was set up as an office. I'm so in love with this tufted chair! I was using it as the office chair at this point. The desk was farther to the right not pictured...because it's always a hot mess!

I like it 100% better this way. Now my awesome tufted chair is at the end of the table! I'd love a second one for the other end, but realistically I the room isn't big enough! It's funny how the chair worked out. I bought this dining table off of Craigslist for $200...and it only came with 5 chairs! It's like my tufted chair was meant to be!

Traditional Bohemian Dining Room Oriental Rug Boho

I loved the color and dimension the blue geometric area rug added. However, I'm adopting the grey family as my dominant color scheme, so it had to go! I purchased an awesome area rug for the living room and pulled the white shag carpet into the then office. Once I moved the dining table in, I discovered what a PITA pulling chairs in and out on a SHAG carpet was!

Traditional Bohemian Dining Room Oriental Rug Boho

So, I ordered a new 8x10 area rug from Amazon. It was only $129! It is soft underfoot, low pile, and thin...which is perfect for moving dining chairs in and out! The rug is a bit misleading. All of the pictures on Amazon and even my own pictures, make the rug appear grey and white. It is BROWN! I ordered the "Ivory" color, but it didn't say what the secondary color was. I was so excited to get it, then as I'm unrolling I'm thinking.."this sure looks kinda brown." Sure enough on the tag it says it's brown and cream. I was pretty upset. However, laid down with everything else it kind of tricks the eye. It looks grey unless you LOOK at it. Even next to my grey and white living room rug. It's the magical trixter rug! After a temporary color disappointment, I'm VERY happy with it!

My future plans for this room include a medium grey paint, white trim, a gallery wall, and some MCM dining chairs. I kind of want to change out the ceiling fan for a fabulous chandelier, but this house doesn't have air conditioning...and I wouldn't want to regret that choice! I'll have to see how much I use the fan in the next couple months before making a final decision!

Traditional Bohemian Dining Room Oriental Rug Boho

Traditional Bohemian Dining Room Oriental Rug Boho

Traditional Bohemian Dining Room Oriental Rug Boho

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