Monday, September 17, 2012

Anniversary Love Story, Part 1: How We Met...

Tomorrow is our second wedding anniversary, (today it's already our anniversary in Hubba Hubba's timezone), and we have yet to spend one together! Sadly he has been deployed for both, so I thought I'd honor our anniversary with a couple of posts dedicated to how we meet, the proposal, and our wedding.
I had my ❤ set on a military man, specifically a Navy man. I'm sort of obsessed with anything internet; I'm addicted to the ease of it. so, I signed up for a military dating website. I was on there for a few months, met a few guys that weren't "the one", before I stumbled across this photo, in January of 2009.
The picture that changed our lives!
The first thing I said to myself was, "Is that a great dane?!" See kiddo and I already had Scrappy, so seeing someone with their own dane caught my eye! I click to view his profile and am even more excited to see that the guy is cute! He had all of my 'must haves'. I had to know this handsome sailor in South Carolina, so I immediately contacted him!
I can't tell you that I remember what I said to him, but it wasn't long before our first phone call. I remember that exactly, not the conversation, mainly the feeling of it. I was driving in my car, and funnily enough, he was on his way home from work. We laughed and chatted, just sort of feeling one another out. Then I heard it...the dreaded inhale! He was a smoker! That was one of my supposed "deal breakers". I mentioned it to him, and he wasn't trying to waste any time. He told me that we must not be a good fit for one another, then, and basically have a nice life. I was like noooooo! It was actually a little awkward, trying to convince him that what I just said was a deal breaker really wasn't. I just couldn't bear the thought never talking to him again!
So, our phone calls continued. He called me every morning on his way to work, and we would video chat all evening until he finally passed out in his bed with the camera still running. I was a creeper and would watch him until his computer went into sleep mode and everything was dark. Naturally, I never told him this until after we were together! lol
We had only been talking for a week when we decided to meet. He had the opportunity to take a few days off, and he offered to fly down to Louisiana. I was all for it! As the days passed we started to joke about me just going back to South Carolina with him. Then the joking got serious. I spent that next week withdrawing from nursing school, quitting my job at the bank, and packing! 
The day he was supposed to arrive, his flight got delayed, and I started to think that this was just some jerk that wanted to mess with people's lives. I thought he had never planned on coming at all. I didn't believe that it was actually happening until he sent me a photo of him on the plane!
Ahhh, I miss those thick glasses of his!
When I finally picked him up at the airport, he kissed me. There was no hesitation, no hello. He just wrapped his arms around me and swept me off my feet. Totally just like you see in the movies, totally perfect, and totally unexpected. I still smile every time I think about it! 
He met my family that night, and we left the next day. Yes, kiddo and I were moving away with a man that I just met the day before, and after only talking on the internet for two weeks! I've never claimed sanity. ;)
  I'd love to hear how you met your lover! :)
Come back tomorrow, on our anniversary, for the proposal and wedding!

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