Monday, April 15, 2019

5 Awesome Ways to Use Vintage Rugs!

I really, really love rugs. Just ask my

I've lived in this house about 2 years, and I've had 13 different rugs! Thankfully, I think I've settled on the keepers..for now.

I love when items aren't used for their intended purpose! Assuming it's a cool idea, and it looks amazing! Well, that's definitely the case with these FIVE awesome rug ideas!

1. Over your television.

Yes, that sounds odd, but MsViciousDesign blew my mind when she draped this vintage Persian rug over her TV! You can see it way in the background! Tvs are a huge eyesore, but a necessary evil for most people. This is a genius way to camouflage the big, black box!

How to decorate camouflage your tv Vintage Kilim Rug

MsViciousDesign revealed that she got the idea from 9Vintage_Girl_Interiors. Here's her version below! I love them both so much! Coolest idea, ever! I've been on the search for a rug that will work on my tv ever since seeing these!

How to decorate camouflage your tv Vintage Kilim Rug

Monday, April 8, 2019

Monday Musings - 4.8.19

I have been wanting one of these woven rugs* from the moment I saw them! It's definitely not my  love of rugs that's holding me back...I just don't know where I'd put it! I've thought of a few places, but none of them are like YES! So, I'll wait until it comes to me, or maybe it'll be one of those things I never get. Time will tell!

This one comes in several sizes, and the 3 foot diameter one is only $40! I might have just talked myself into buying it....

* is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. I receive a small commission from anything purchased through products I share. However, I only recommend items I love!*

Woven boho jute lace rug - bohemian neutral

Monday, April 1, 2019

Vintage Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

My kitchen has never been shared, except for my move in day post years ago. I suppose that's because it's "nothing special". Honestly, I don't hate it. I'm renting, so there's not ever going to be a huge kitchen renovation here. There are definitely things I wish I could change, but the space is great and it's in decent shape. I've already made some changes that make it better and have plans for more!
Vintage Midcentury Modern Kitchen - MCM mid-century

Here's a reminder how it looked the day I moved in:

Vintage Midcentury Modern Kitchen - MCM mid-century

Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday Musings - 3.25.19

Wow the first Monday Musings post in, what, 4 years? Why not resurrect the old beast...with a new look! ;)

I'm crushing on this bedspread, and also crushed by it...allow me to explain. I actually own this spread on Reagan's big girl bed. I had plans to buy a second one, so I would have a matching set when Addilyn gets moved out of her crib. However, I waited too long to purchase it...and now the twin size is completely SOLD OUT online and locally. I'm pretty bummed, but it's available in full or maybe your local store has a twin in stock if you love it! Available for purchase at Walmart.

tassel bed bedding bedspread boho bohemian quilt

Monday, February 4, 2019

Midcentury Modern TV Stand - Painted MCM Dresser

You caught me.

It's really a dresser.

But whatever. We're all mad here! ;)

I love dressers.
I love MCM dressers.
I love giving them a makeover.
I love the hidden storage they provide.

I paid way more than I normally would for this piece ($120), but I'm willing to do that if it's a personal piece and something specific I want. I wanted a dresser to serve as my tv stand. I wanted it to be midcentury and have some sort of detailing. This isn't super detailed, but at least it has some character to it!

Midcentury Modern TV Stand Dresser