Friday, April 11, 2014

Chevron Easter Cross Wreath - He is Risen!


A big part of me is sad that this is an Easter time only wreath because I love it so much! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I'll probably keep it up for the whole month of April. Why should He only get glory up until the day of His Resurrection?!

Quick Directions:
This was a relatively simple DIY. I got some plywood and drew my cross template. I actually used a Christmas light box to measure it faster. Haha. I cut out the larger cross with my jigsaw, then traced it again onto another piece of wood. Then I just recreated the smaller size cross shape within the larger one. That way I could visualize the proportions I wanted. Cut out the smaller size top cross with your jigsaw.

I primed both crosses, painted the larger one white and the smaller one the same yellow as my lamps. The larger cross got the black chevron treatment with a stencil I made using my silhouette (tutorial coming soon!) I used paint markers for more control when adding the details on the smaller cross. Just some lines, tiny dots, and the most important part "He is Risen".

Once both are completely dry, apply a generous amount of wood glue to the back of the smaller cross and adhere it to the chevron cross. I just laid it flat on the counter and used paint cans to weigh it down for a nice seal. Be sure not to put your glue too close to the edges or it will seep out the sides!

I drilled 2 holes on either side of the cross wreath to thread some twine through. I did not want the rope to be a feature of the cross, so I made as invisible as possible! It got the job done!