Friday, May 18, 2018

Fireplace Makeover: How to Paint a Stone Fireplace in One Step!

Well I finally did it! I painted the fireplace in the living room! I was hesitant to paint it since I'm renting, and I know some people are funny about painting over "nice stone". However, when I was renewing my lease (and they raised the rent *cries*) I had them throw in letting me paint the fireplace! PERMISSION GRANTED!
DIY white painted fireplace!

It wasn't horrible before. The colors were muted, and it was definitely dingy from smoke.

Okay, that's a lie...seeing the side by side of the before and after, it was horrible before!

Originally, I envisioned a dark grey or black fireplace since I'm planning to paint the rest of the room white. Unfortunately, the hearth has a taupe colored tile which I thought would contrast too unflatteringly with the dark color. Now if the tile was JUST on the hearth I'd have painted it the same color and called it a day. But they put tile on the floor in front of the fireplace, about 2 feet out. Personally I don't see the point since there's a hearth that extends beyond the fireplace...and it looks silly in my opinion. I'm glad my rug covers most of it, so it's not noticeable.

My next choice was simply a solid white fireplace. Modern, clean and wouldn't contrast too much with the taupe tile. Something told me not to paint over the grout initially..."just see how it looks, Ansley!" So, I went over a small section carefully with the roller, and I was diggin' the grout showing!

DIY white painted fireplace!

The "How to" Low Down: 

Painting the fireplace was an easy simple DIY, but it was time consuming. I cleaned the stone by simply vacuuming it with my brush attachment. I could have scrubbed it down, but I'm too lazy to be a try hard. lol. Initially, I started with a very high nap roller and lightly went over a section to avoid getting paint in the grout. However, to achieve a more solid look on the stone, I was still having to go in with the paint brush for better coverage. It wasn't long at all before I gave up using the roller and stuck with the paint brush. I literally had to slather on the paint to get in all the crevices of the stone. That's what was so time consuming. I had to poke and prod, and stroke in different directions to fill all those tiny holes as best as possible. Of course the stone isn't a solid white finish, but I wanted to fill in as much as possible. Especially because the stones were different colors. I did not prime first! I just used a paint and primer in one. Lowe's told me that was okay. ;) I also removed those gold handles from the fireplace cover. They were weird and unnecessary!

If you want a really fast process, use a paint sprayer! Obviously, you'll lose the grout definition, but it would turn a 2 day job (this was me doing it alone with lots of long breaks!) into a 30 minute job!

DIY white painted fireplace!

I'm thrilled with how it turned out! It makes the room feel so much brighter and clean. I keep thinking I can't wait until Christmas. The mantle is going to look so much better decorated this year!

How to paint a stone fireplace!

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Also, if you have a hearth of some sort, be sure and get yourself a fireplace protector! Confession: I didn't have one until a kiddo cracked their head on the edge. Honestly it covers up the rough edge of the tile and I think it looks better than without!

How to paint a stone fireplace!

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