Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My DIY Uniform

This is the first FFA challenge that I am participating in from Mandi @ Vintage Revivals. I have the biggest girl crush on her, BTW! As much as I am morbidly embarrassed to post this online, I just had to because I get a lot of people that recognize me as the blogger that looks like a pin up girl. I sincerely hope that they mean that in the classy 50's pinup with red lipstick way... Yes, I look good in the photos I have in the "Meet Ansley" section, but honestly those are from when I had a job and would get dressed all pretty for work every single day. Now that my job is DIY this is what I look like more often than not:
 I know, if you were to compare the photos side by side, you'd see my poor Hubba Hubba is getting screwed with this new "job" of mine. However, looking pretty all of the time tends to get me in trouble...

That fish bone braid was really pretty - yesterday...the same goes for that makeup. Yes I'm horrible and lazy and frequently don't wash my face before bed. At least I started wearing BB Cream, so I guess it's not so bad. So, my DIY uniform is usually a giant sweat shirt or t shirt (depending if I'm cold or not!) and pajama pants. I'm super embarrassed because I'm really self conscious; I even will spray paint in the garage with the door shut breathing in all that fume-y goodness so the neighbors don't see how awful I look! If I have to run out, I'll at least put on jeans and brush my hair.

Case in point. I was in Goodwill yesterday scoring some awesome furniture for 50% off. I actually looked pretty. The braid was fresh and neat, and I had on a floral shirt, with a cardigan, jeans, and 5 inch sequined high heels. The guy at Goodwill that loaded my truck didn't recognize me. I was chatting about the awesome deals and he was like "Well I guess we'll be seeing you in here more often..." I'm sitting there like, "Um, I'm usually in here like 2 times a week." Then it dawned on me that he didn't recognize me out of my sweats and greasy hair. Lol

Sometimes I DIY in my normal clothes. Like yesterday, do you think I bothered changing when I got home to work on something? Nope. I just have it in my head that I'll be really careful, and just hate myself if anything happens to my new shirt and only pair of jeans that don't have holes in least I got to work with the garage door open!

Check out my awesome shoes.
Not too bad, I guess. That's the pedicure that Hubba Hubba took me to for my birthday. Yes he got one with  me! That was my first pedicure since we've been married. Yes, like 2 years without a pedicure...Hubba couldn't get over all the skin they raked off my feet. I think it scared him so much that he was contemplating divorce...Anyway, the shoes don't look so bad, but check that awesome spray paint halo....
And all the dirt from me walking around barefoot, then realizing I should probably put on shoes before I go outside...

So, there you have it! I hope that you use one of the options to follow me after seeing this post since I obviously love you enough to let you see me like this. Trust me, this is super huge that I'm putting anything online that remotely resembles a bad picture of me...

After this post I had darn well better be an
Vintage Revivals 
P.S. I didn't brush my teeth this morning, and I'm about to brew coffee. Yes my breath will be delicious.

P.SS. I let my cursor hover over the "Publish" button for a very, very long time wondering if I really had the guts to publish this post. Then I was like eff it.

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